The Urgent/Important Question of Time Management

Last week I had a team meeting with one of my businesses teams to go through the focus areas for March.  In each of these meetings I try and give a “Leadership Piece” so that each member has something to grow with.  This week I took this diagram of the Urgent versus Important theory behind more effective prioritisation and time management, from a very humorous and fun blog post on college life (read it here) and went through it with my team.


The essence of this is something that I need to keep learning.  To remember to PLAN effectively the Important things into our diaries and lives, so that our Urgent box doesn’t get constantly overflowed with urgent stuff that really wouldn’t be urgent if we had worked out our schedules and priorities earlier.  I mean, you can’t push a client who’s standing in front of you into a small room and say, ‘Wait there while I now go look for your product, because although I knew you were coming 3 months ago, I haven’t got organised to find your stuff cause I am so busy’.  If we get organised and plan effectively, we will often find that not so many things appear in that Urgent and Important (do or die box).  The other box that as a leader I need to keep reviewing is the stuff that is not that urgent nor that important but I keep doing – and to eliminate it!!
I hope this encourages you to rethink your task list, and priorities.  To work out what are the core things to really achieve each day, those to delegate to other people, and some of the stuff you do that you should just STOP!