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We provide a diverse set of skills to enable your company to be seen and heard in the market place.  INDIGO Digital provides the planning, delivery and monitoring of marketing initiatives that provide a professional face to your company in Zimbabwe.


Services include:

Marketing Campaign

Executing, Measuring,

(new and revamped)

Social Media
(integrated & streamlined)

Print Advertising
(old skool still works!)

Cocktail Parties
(why not?!)

its a breath of fresh air to have INDIGO manage and deliver our marketing campaigns each month.  Tracking deadlines, managing the print and measuring results was a lot for our small team.  But INDIGO totally streamlined the process and we are thrilled with the results.

— Zimbabwe Car Hire, Bulawayo


We offer weekly payment plans which work alongside your cash-flow systems.  Making it just that little bit easier. 

Free Tools

We believe in free stuff.  Either we developed it, or we can point you to other people who develop tools that can help you! Go here…


We focus on developing efficient methods for your company to reduce waste and increase efficiency so that you have a higher productivity. We use technological innovation, fresh bespoke solutions, as well as tried and tested tools, to help increase the impact and profitability of your company.



things happen

Measure performance
celebrate results


INDIGO group stepped in and helped us map the entire customer engagement and sales process.  Through developing new templates, tools and systems, we were able to radically reduce the amount of time it takes to serve each customer, and therefore increase sales and customer satisfaction.

(Small Financial Services Provider: Bulawayo)


Do you struggle to find the right skills and support for growth spurts in your small business?

INDIGO Group can manage short specific projects, giving you support and the breathing space you need. We use a portfolio of consultants — from specialists in financial management and tax planning to branding and social media — to assist your business.


We charge on a project by project basis, either on the time allocation, or on results.  Depends on the type of project required, and the support staff you need.


Why not contact us and get your


As INDIGO Group we provide strategic planning, corporate development training and a sounding board for you, your team or your business partners, as you build your business.



Our training and development program should tie in exactly with where you are as a company and where you are going.



Workshops with your team to develop a strategic plan that enables you to dream about where you are going, what it will take to get there, and how much money you might make in the process!


We prioritise listening, and we know that sometimes you just need a sounding board.  All our consultancy contracts include times for that informal chat, that can make all the difference.

Our Team Building day as Rural Electrification Authority has had a real impact on our work together… We loved it!


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Are you interested in expanding your business to Zimbabwe, or opening a new company?  INDIGO Group can assist with your move into the Zimbabwe market. Contact us for more details of the support we can offer.