training and team building

Our training and development program should tie in exactly with where you are as a company and where you are going.  As a small business you don’t have lots of cash to throw at training, and because you have smaller teams, you can’t have people off all day training… we have thought about this and are offering the following possibilities….

1) for $60 an hour for 10 people (yes that $6 a head), we offer a number of seminars that can just help to boost confidence, moral and address some underlying challenges in your team.  Some of the topics we cover are…

  • Time Management
  • The Power of Habit
  • Strategy For Anyone
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Introduction to LEAN Thinking
  • Marketing Myths
  • The Curve That Turns Fans Into Superfans
  • Core Competencies of An Organisation
  • any many others…

2) alternatively some teams just need to “get out” and have some fun, while ironing out some issues and remembering again why we all work together!  So we have team building days, that start at $350 a day for 25 people.  This includes 1 team building activity (e.g. a ropes course, zip line, canoes, raft building, and others) and main-site games (crazy football, puzzles and creative construction games), as well as a team profiling exercise. (Note multiple team building activities attract additional charges)  You will receive a report on the “team profile” as well as any observations from the Indigo team during the course of the day…

3) sometime you come across a staff member that you want to figure out exactly how to help them reach their full potential… and for that we have coaching sessions, which include certain psychometric tests, that can help us understand how our team members can fly and not fade!  Consultations are in groups of 3 (one hour) sessions, including any testing results, from $120.

Honestly, you can not underestimate the incredible opportunity to iron out struggles in a team, to get to know each other better, and to help every to row in the same direction.

If you are launching a new brand, product or changing processes in-house, some training for staff is invaluable so you don’t leave anyone behind… remember its our staff and team members that communicate our “brand” more than our fancy lettering or business documents.


Email us from the contact us tab, and we can chat about the best options for your team.


Please remember that all quotations above are a guide only and do not include additional team building activities where requested, transport, venues, and catering – this will be fully explained in your quotation, and other options given.



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